Friday, October 12, 2007


For 26 years the sky's always lamenting on the second week of October, that's YEAR-AFTER-YEAR-AFTER-YEAR, well probably it's just adjusting with my mood, you know ... birthday blues

I was thinking, how am I going to celebrate my birthday this year? well, not really celebrate-CELEBRATE because I'm not really the bloke who's extravagant towards anything or something egocentric, specially if I'm the one burning credit cards, I've never really tried having a huge bash just to remind everyone that I'm another year older... (pakshet!)... the last time a blew a candle was in 1987... GREAT i was just 2 years old then (whatevz)

So after two decades of spending a sad and lonely Oct 15's, I was thinking of doing it differently this time...

Perhaps I'll climb a mountain... Kota Kinabalu (the highest peak in south east asia!) is the perfect choice. Unfortunately, when I checked the mountain cabins, they're all packed. Apparently you have to do the reservation six months ahead of time. So maybe next year.

or... Getting lost outside Manila, ALONE. That would be quite an adventure, I will buy the next ticket bound to who-knows-where and Im going to spend the weekend alone trying to be a nomad with just a backpack and a heap of guts, pretendin Im a contestant of the Amazing Race. That would be so effing great...and expensive (dang!)

How about a Jolli-Birthday? yeah, as in Jolibee party complete with party hats, mascots and ketchup-y spaghetti. That was my dream party that was never realized, so I will make it happen this time. That would be F-U-N. All attendees will be grown-ups and we will be playing silly games like kids and make Hetty (the spaghetti mascot) dance a strip tease! WOoot-woow!

hmmm... That would be FFFFERFECT!

But for now, I know y'all been thinking of possible gifts (FOR ME OPKORS!) so fret no more, because here's my WISH LIST:

1. Jacket (preferably Nike)
2. pair of black socks
3. nike air turbulence (white)
4. lip balm (no fruity flavor please)
5. iPod nano (redesigned with video)
6. photoshop installer (pirated)
7. wooden rosary
8. signed photograph of manny paquiao
9. lacoste perfume (green)
10. a tray of ferrero rocher
11. a good massage
12. starbucks stainless tumbler
13. boxer shorts (small-medium)
14. havaianas (size 39-40)
15. moroccan mint tea bags (coffee bean & tea leaf)
16. a birthday card (with 1k pesos inside)
17. a beach towel
18. advil capsules/gel capsules
19. nike cap

Please coordinate, just to make sure na walang madodoble...

Here Yeah!

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