Wednesday, September 26, 2007

ZAIDO and the galactic shit

I'm an open true -blue Shaider fanatic. This show has been responsible in making the building blocks of my formative years.

That's the reason why I'm so ecstatic when GMA decided to do a remake. Well, my excitement shrank into an indiscernible form of matter when I saw the premiere. The show turned out to be a cheap rip-off. A total eye sore:

Here's why:

- I agree with my friend Jun, I hate the costume especially the helmet, it's like a cheap-robocop-wannabe-cum-highschool-project went wrong.

- The plot wasn't really well thought of, they did not even explain HOW and WHY on earth did lei'ar came back from what should've been his inexorable death two decades ago.

- Shaider fought evil galactic forces during the 80's (in fact, that's the setting of the series) suddenly he has descendants? Gallian, played by Dennis Trillo, happens to be the grandson of Alexis (WTF?). I'm expecting that this should be atleast explained with some sort of mystical cosmic blackhole intervening the galaxy and .. uhmm.. whatevs!

- The special effects made me wanna puke in front of the TV, the 1980's version is far better. On top of that, the new Kuuma Lei'ar looks familiar... reminds me of ANAK NI JANICE!

- Alexis has a pretty side kick, named Annie. This time its Gallian and the sexy sidekick - AMY... mind you, they're both wearing yellow and their families were victims of the galactic war. WOW, a truly moronic television coincidence.

- And because its Filipino made (kapuso particularly) then expect that the story line is 5% action, 10% has a poverty-prinsipyo element and 85% love story, total of ... 100% CHEESINESS. I mean, the original did not even focus on the Annie-Alexis love flick. What are they trying to do?

I can't believe I withstood the 1 hour pilot episode, I almost had an epileptic attack. GMA is making the legend look trashy by literally shitting on it.
I just hope that there will be an Anti-ZAIDO rally soon blocking the senate building or marching across EDSA.

But there's one commendable thing. Paolo Ballesteros is sooooo pretty as Ida. I bet its a dream come true! (good thing they dropped the disco ball head dress)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

GREY'S ANATOMY SEASON 4 : up and running

Finally... After the longest wait and what seemed to be like eons and light years of anticipation, the new seasons of TV shows are finally here, up to heat both my iPod and PC.

On top of it, GREY'S ANATOMY is back!!!
What will happen to these pack of adulterous medical people? (obviously I can relate... not just because I'm in this field, but also, I'm an adulterous bloke)

Last summer, the season finale left me hanging in the middle of nowhere and my jaw dangling loosely. so from that point, I'm like a cryoprecipitate waiting for an order, an absolution.

Until I saw this preview, and I'm like a little boy staring at my wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. While watching it, all my vessels were dilated and my cardiac contraction felt like it's in suspended animation, afferent nerve endings ceased functioning and neuron conduction's in split second delay.

WOW I just love how they pull that premiere...
Izzie, Meredith, Karev and the scrupulous Christina yang (my favorite character) delivered the ripped rules of Dr. Bailey from the first episode of the show (back when they are in the bottom of the medical food chain), this time it's their turn, and it is so amazing to see fresh new faces ... simply genius!


You can download some of my favorite music from the series, for free.

Monday, September 3, 2007

green me

I have a goal to grab before I turn 30 and who told you I'm more than 30? fuck you! It's a long to do list I tell you, but here's a portion:

-have a wood laminated graduation picture (check!)
-get that PRC ID (check!)
-write a personal hate letter to willie revillame (check!)
-do a medical mission to a far flung community, at mag feeling turista (check!)
-for gawd sake! do something good to the environment (CHECK!)

YES, I just did!

Yesterday I went-out to do some tree planting eklat for the La Mesa Watershed. It might sound a bit pageant patty and little like a government official during the election season, but my intentions are genuine and environmentally altruistic. Also, I just want to do something different because "I...
personally believe that we are unable to do so because, uhmmm, some people out there in our nation don't have uh, I believe that our, I, education like such as, uhh, South Africa, and uh, it should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future, for us...(???)... thank you!" (if you don't know what I'm talking about... click away)

I don't have a green thumb, everything that I planted on the soil died in just a matter of days. I remember having this science project in elementary where we have to grow Toge from mongo beans... after few days, all my classmates' canisters have something sprouting out of their lump of dirt. Mine? other than the nasty smell of what seemed to be like a rotten kamote, got nothing on it. (I don't know if someone played a prank on me)

Since then, I never attempted growing anything green.

But when you reach my age (20 something), you will eventually come realize that life is more than just about yourself, you have a social responsibility. With an equivocal threat of global warming, you will then find-out that you can help and you should do your part in saving our niche.

So enough of being a health freak, stop eating green leafy veggies, your hurting them, listen closely... you will hear them cry whenever you eat Caesar salad!


ako: pucha! malayo pa ba? tangna... tatlong kilometro na yun a!
ako (isip) : ok lang mag lakad... pero di ok pag nasira sapatos ko!
ako: tree planting ba to o alay lakad?
ako: e kasi naman o...

forester : deforestation is a social issue ....
ako : deforestation your face, wala ba makakainan dito?
forester : you will be planting a banaba tree
ako : ano yun? as in banaba? diuretic alternative to edematous or suspected cardiac congestion? Lagerstroemia speciosa aka Giant Crape-myrtle or Queen's Crape-myrtle? endemic to south east Asian forest like of Thailand, India, Indonesia, Philippines and some parts of eastern India?
ako : wala bang maple or ebony?

ako : teka picture muna
--after 34 mins--
ako : last picture na peksman!

--uwian na--
ako : mag pahuli kaya ako? para may moment
ako : OA mo ha

--after 45mins of walking--
ako : shyet! parang di tayo dumaan dito kanina a!
ako : uhhm, guys? nasan na kayo?

to see more of my tree planting-eklat photos click away!

for more info on how you can help save our forest, please contact BANTAY KALIKASAN at 1-800-527-2820 ( or contact the La Mesa Ecopark at 410 9670

If you think this is just a piece of shit, then go home nibble on your toe nails and wait until you die a miserable death of indifference!