Sunday, July 29, 2007

itik-itik no more

We all know that we Flips are superior, talent wise ang kumontra magsasara pwet!. Other than the boxing arena and Broadway stage, WE ARE CARVING THE PHILIPPINE FLAG ON THE HIP HOP DANCE FLOOR!

last year a group of disco-hopping, limbs-flexin' pinoys made the "filipino talent" reverberate in the global hip hop scene. THE ALL STARS is a Philippine based Hip hop dance group incorporating freestyle, pop, break dance, krump, old school and new school in their routines.

Under their belt are two international titles: Grand prize winners of the 5th World Hip Hop Championships in Redondo Beach, California (July 2006) and 2nd International Hip Hop Open D’Italia in Torino, Italy (June 2006). And NOW as is write this one up, they are defending the title in Los Angeles by bumping off contingents from 33 other countries. I won't be surprised if we will be celebrating soon!

Two years ago the group of hodgepodge is struggling to get support from people and institution that will finance their travel expenses to compete in the championship abroad. Today, All Stars has been backed up by different groups and individuals who believe in their talents—the Department of Tourism, Adidas, Brewing Point, Rotary Club of Araneta, Gold’s Gym, Gringo Honasan, Miguel Zubiri, Edgardo Angara, Bong Revilla, Chiz Escudero, Lino Cayetano, Kiko Pangilinan, Robby Carmona, Tim Yap and Divine Lee.

As I was watching this bootleg clip from last year's championship, I'm literally cursing myself for not attending those summer dance lessons, and when I saw those non-pinoy fans bellowing "PHI-LIP-PINES" out of the audience, I can't help but choke a lump out of amazement. These guys can really move, true enough we've gone a looooong way since itik-itik and maglalatik.

here's another clip, I got goosebumps when they played the Flips National anthem! GO ALL STARS!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You think Filipinos are Honest?

After hearing / reading / seeing bad news about our country, one blow after another, it is really dismaying and making me feel that I'd rather be a lone plankton floating on the waters of a humble hill billy islet somewhere in the pacific, than be a Filipino.

But not after I came across this report on HONESTY (an experiment conducted by Readers Digest), for once I felt pride gleaming off my brown a**!

In the survey, investigators left phones in public places then rang them to see if passers-by would try to return the phones or simply keep them. And guess what folks--we ranked 5th among the most honest cities. choir of angels singing from afar

The experiment was conducted in 32 major cities, well we're not really major "major", but... I guess they just want to put a third world flavor to the flick (you know what I'm saying)

Apparently the most honest city was Ljubljana in Slovenia where all but one phone was returned, followed by Toronto in Canada, Seoul in South Korea, Stockholm in Sweden and yes our very own MANILA (where crime is a staple gag, and the stench literally screaming--THIRD WORLD!!! no, you should deliver it with a smile...AGAIN)

We're on the fifth spot along side with Mumbai and NY! can you freakin' believe that? well, you should... behind all the self proclaimed adversities, awful reputation and bad publicities, we still manage to prove the world THAT WE AIN'T SETTLING FOR A 5110 HANDSETS!!! hahahaha the phone's actually brand new and on the mid-priced line.

So, we're not really the No.1 most honest, yes there were still some who badly needed an answer to their prayers of "grace falling from the sky" and that's why they took away the phone. But thanks to those Random Pinoys who made the right act of returning those phones and made the whole country proud once more!

click away for the complete list!
and thanks to
Dazed and Confused for the good news

Monday, July 23, 2007

SONA : take seven... Aaaaac-tion!!!

I'm really not a political rat, I'd rather be a takatak boy that be in a career that has something to do with politics, economics, law and circus! That's why my opinion here are purely personal and nothing to do with a pursuance of a political agenda, rebellion and terrorism whatsoever!

together with the 40% of the population of this side of the third world June 2007, SWS survey I don't want to stay any longer, in dire need of moving-out to have a better life!

watching the SONA is like liberally putting rock salt in an open wound of despising this country's government. So what's going on in my head while watching the SONA? here:

GMA: Hangarin kong mapabilang ang Pilipinas sa mayayamang bansa sa loob
ng dalawampung taon ... I envision Philippines as first world in 20 years.
ME : HAHAHAHA, like me being blond and blue eyed caucasian hunk in 20 years! SURE!

GMA: investments in physical, intellectual, legal and security infrastructure to increase business confidence. Imprastraktura para sa negosyo at trabaho. Isang milyong trabaho taon-taon.
ME: 1 Million jobs? with salary of 20 thousand divided to those 1 Million new jobs? bright thinking! how about increasing the salary too?

GMA: Mahusay na edukasyon ang pinakamabuting pamana natin sa ating mga anak
ME: blah blah blah! aanhin mo ang "good education" kung wala naman matinong trabaho after graduation? I'd rather receive cold cheque from my parents!

GMA: Let's start with election reform. We have long provided funds for computerization. We look forward to the modernization of voting, counting and canvassing.

GMA: Taun-taon dose-dosenang opisyal ang nasususpinde, napapatalsik o kinakasuhan dahil labis-labis sa suweldo ang gastos at ari-arian nila.
ME: then what the hell are you doing there? ... 'nuff said

GMA: gurong mas magaling at mas malaki ang kita
ME: mas magaling? wala nasa US na lahat... mas malaki kita? saan, sa longanisa? WAHAHA

GMA: Graft won't be eliminated overnight but we are making progress.
ME: heard that before!

GMA: “We have been investing hundreds of billions in human and physical infrastructure,”
ME: I heard... but where are the good filipino nurses and doctors? GONE!

GMA: Tapos na ang halalan at pamumulitika
ME: are you kiding me? 50% of your SONA is virtually names of your friendsters!

GMA: enumerate what the doables are this year towards making the country more competitive and more attractive for investors
ME: hmmm, like continue exploiting our wealth of wonders and selling islands to foreign Richie Rich's ? (SPELL: AMANPULO?)

GMA: cover the subject of waging peace in Mindanao
ME: why not start in your own congress?

GMA: a weak economy into a strong republic
ME: like Paris Hilton receiving a Nobel for discovering new species of microorganism?

BUNYE: the President herself writes and rewrites her Sona in her laptop computer and the final version is completed only a few minutes before she boards her vehicle to Congress.
ME: that's what you think, maybe she's just posting a bulletin on her friendster!

nyahahaha! HAHAHAHR! Whehehehehe
opinion lang po, walang personalan!

for the complete 2007 SONA transcript... click away!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

tatay's birthday and baby francis

Click on the photos to view larger image

Friday, July 20, 2007


In a matter of minutes, the final book which the muggle world has been waiting for will be on the racks. I even saw news about some fans waiting for absolution, camping-out two days ahead in front of the bookstores everywhere across the planet.

an obvious fanaticism
I'm also a big fan but I'm sane enough not to be on that queue.

I was reading the news, some spoilers and plot predictions, just to prep my mood before dropping-by the nearest bookstore to grab my copy.

it was 3 minutes before midnight. when suddenly...


a mail arrived delivered by my ever so reliable owl yahoo mail and guess what's in my inbox:


Freshly brewed pdf copy! fumes' still steaming out of the monitor! I can literally smell it. FRESH!

I guess I can delay buying the hardbound!
nye-nye nyi-nye-nye!

Monday, July 16, 2007

the phone wears prada

I'm a bit ambivalent about this new phone and don't really know if i'm actually buying this s**t. Surely, its an inspiring tech stuff but the fact that it's a Prada, makes me squirm by merely thinking about it.

It looks yummy alright, but I already told y'all, I'm not a big fan of over the top gizmo's, specially grandiose labels that even Imelda Marcos will feel guilty about.

this new phone from LG (KE850), that's bumping off other fashion phones like motorola D&G and the Vertu of nokia... might be the doppleganger of iPhone the heck but some reviews says its even a notch better than that apple slag

it doesn't require a rocket scientist to realize that high end businesses are taking over the general market. Brands which only the hiltons, gates, forbes', trumps can afford are now being attached to our daily junks, not just to give pizazz but raise up the price tags. i wont be surprised if there will be gucci toothbrush, louis vuitton insect repellent, fendi cotton buds and dolce & gabana breast implant, anytime soon.

PRADA PHONE: asian geeki-ness and european faggotry combined.

for the Prada phone specs? ayoko ikwento, I'm not in the right mood. Just look for some geek's blog and read it!
So here's the
link... click away!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Gets Naked

"Don't worry Hermione.
I'll go easy on you."
-Ron Weasley
Yesterday I checked greenbelt cinemas to have a punch in the dark in getting a seat on the first day of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie. As an inevitable fate, I end up walking out empty handed--all seats are taken, Blimey!

I have read all the books at least twice and since I will be waiting for all the ballyhoos and the over the top brouhaha to subside before hitting the movie house--I think I will just have to read the book again for a refresher's brush-up. Movie fans are expected to plug the box office until the weekend.

This installment of the Warner Bros film (book five) is darker, more violent and bloodcurdling scenes are all over the place. It's GP no more, so expect blood on your popcorn. The plot is getting more mature as the cast grows older in every episode. I can't believe that it has been 6 years already, six ephemeral years since the first movie came out.



And earlier this year I came across an article about Daniel Radcliffe. This news has been around since late last year, but I guess it took an erotic photoshoot with a horse for everybody to start caring. 17-year-old Daniel Radcliffe stars in the London revival of the Tony award winning play Equus. The original calls for full frontal nudity including a scene where the main character simulates a sex act while riding naked on a horse. girls squeaking on the background

hmmm... I think I'll stick with the HP Movies!

JK Rowling's raising up the censor factor of the story a notch higher year after year, it started from exchanging treats, hands holding accidentally, prom flings, kissing, hard wands... blah blah! I will not be surprise if there would be bed scenes on the final book. As we might see new spells like lubricuus totalis! orgasmus fiesta! or wands being used for a whole different purpose.

bad thoughts! BAD THOUGHTS!

And oh! the uncensored pictures are available upon request
... pervs!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


The most hyped gadget in the history of modern technology has landed a week ago, and the geeks all over the globe are still far from being sober

As for me? I won’t buy that alien looking phone. Other that the obvious fact that it looks like a hybrid of a phone and some futuristic sex toy, I also have few other reasons why:

IT'S DAMN EXPENSIVE, $600 for an 8 gig phone? Are you some sort of a chestnut-dido-haha? It's designed to play music and videos, how many videos do you think will fit-in with that pea-sized memory space? For the price of f***king 32 Kiaw 8 hammer and 53 pokels (third world currency), it should at least be 800 gig. I mean the fruit doesn’t match its price, E pwede mo na ipantubos sa kaluluwa ni Hitler sa impyerno yung presyo nun e!

ITS A PARIS HILTON (beautiful and stupid!) yes its one trendy thingamajig, but look:

  1. Its not 3G
  2. Transfer speed is at 35 mph (WTF…)
  3. No flash or Java
  4. iPod Earphones wont fit
  5. Poor battery life
  6. It is using that BULOK safari browser (not Firefox/IE)
  7. No voice recording
  8. No voice dialing (so goodluck nalang if you’re driving)
  9. No custom ring tone (and they say it's a music phone!)
  10. No to do function (read: what’s a PDA phone w/o a planner)

Rule number ONE in the Book of Geeks: Don’t buy any 1st gen prototype! Wait for the second generation, especially if its from Mac!

remember Apple Pippin, OpenDoc, Mac TV, Mac XL/Lisa, Microsoft Word 6.0, Copland, eWorld, Puck Mouse/Kiddie Keyboard, Flower Power/Blue Dalmatian iMac, Macintosh Portable... RING A BELL?


these are all 1st gen prototype failures, and they are all from Mac, where are they now?


Saturday, July 7, 2007

new seven wonders announced!

The New 7 Wonders of the world was announce July 7, 2007 (07-07-07), it was the first global online, phone and sms voting campaign to elect the new seven wonders of the world.

I'm just a bit disappointed to see that there's no winner from Africa, Australiasia and Pacific Islands. I'm expecting that all major inhabited continents will have a representative. So here's your New 7 Wonders:

Chichén Itzá, Mexico
Worship & Knowledge

Christ Redeemer, Brazil
stands for
Welcoming & Openness

The Great Wall, China
incredible proof of
Perseverance & Persistence

Machu Picchu, Peru
symbol of
Community & Dedication

Petra, Jordan
great symbol of
Engineering & Protection

The Roman Colloseum, Italy
now a symbol of
Joy & Suffering

The Taj Mahal, India

greatest symbol of
Love & Passion

Quiapo, Manila
Traffic, Chaos & Crime

syempre joke yun! ano ka ba!?

click here to see other finalists

Of course, we all know that the OLD WONDERS are no longer existing, with exemption to the Pyramids of Giza. The other six were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (destructed by earthquake in 1st century BC), Temple of Artemis (Herostratus burned it down in an attempt to achieve lasting fame, abnormal, pasaway, papansin), Statue of Zeus at Olympia (Dismantled by Christian rulers to discourage paganism), Mausoleum of Maussollos (Damaged by an earthquake and eventually disassembled by European Crusaders), Colossus of Rhodes (fell down due to earthquake and th bronze body parts were sold by traveling merchants pinoy siguro mga yun) and the Lighthouse of Alexandria (destructed by earthquake, ruins were found submerged under water).

So the world has elected its new list, and the rest is History.
O, nasan na ngayon ang Banawe Rice Terraces mo?

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transformers' Transformation (then and now)

"Autobots! TRANSFORM!".

I saw Transformers five hours ago, and I've been sleeping for 3 hours already. Then I woke up in dire need to see Bumblebee once again! WOW, my jaw's still on its awe position infront of my PC at 3:30 in the morning (made me want to lick that hood!)

I tell you folks! I almost cried when I first saw Bumblebee transform... I swear I'm like a little girl in pink pigtail on a Christmas day na noon lang nakatanggap ng Barbie!

I love the film, funny, eye-popping CGI, jaw dropping action sequence, tear jerky, good cinematography, Michael bay's signature's all over the place, it's just so COOL! And there's this scene where bumblebee transmodified itself from a half-crappy car to a blingy black striped yellow Camaro (kill bill theme playing on the background) . I know , Kill Bill shifted that yellow-black stereotype from NY cabs and school buses to something soooooo wickedly Uma! wooot-woooow!

Although the producer has been faithfull with the personalites of the characters based on the 1980's cartoon series, The cast was modified by giving a new look and transformation modes (this time it's an all american line of vehicles) so here's a treat for y'all: Transformers Then and Now

JAZZ from porche 935 turbo to pontiac solstice 2007

RATCHET from ambulance to hummer h2 (search & rescue modification)

IRONHIDE from ford F-series pick-up truck to GMC topkick

BUMBLEBEE from Volkswagen beetle to Chevrolet Camaro

OPTIMUS PRIME from 16 wheeler to Peterbilt semi truck (long nose)

BARRICADE from F1 race car to Saleen s281 Ford (police mobile)

BLACKOUT from mobile missile flatform to Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter

STARSCREAM from F-15 Eagle Jet to F-22 Raptor Fighter

FRENZY from Microcassette Tape to CD Player stereo, Mobile phone (head)

MEGATRON from walther p38 9mm pistol (what the heck?) to a Cybertronian jet

I LOVE YOU MICHAEL BAY! ENCORE! ENCORE! I can't wait for the part two!
Bibili talaga ako ng Action figures ... bwahahahahaha!