Thursday, September 20, 2007

GREY'S ANATOMY SEASON 4 : up and running

Finally... After the longest wait and what seemed to be like eons and light years of anticipation, the new seasons of TV shows are finally here, up to heat both my iPod and PC.

On top of it, GREY'S ANATOMY is back!!!
What will happen to these pack of adulterous medical people? (obviously I can relate... not just because I'm in this field, but also, I'm an adulterous bloke)

Last summer, the season finale left me hanging in the middle of nowhere and my jaw dangling loosely. so from that point, I'm like a cryoprecipitate waiting for an order, an absolution.

Until I saw this preview, and I'm like a little boy staring at my wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. While watching it, all my vessels were dilated and my cardiac contraction felt like it's in suspended animation, afferent nerve endings ceased functioning and neuron conduction's in split second delay.

WOW I just love how they pull that premiere...
Izzie, Meredith, Karev and the scrupulous Christina yang (my favorite character) delivered the ripped rules of Dr. Bailey from the first episode of the show (back when they are in the bottom of the medical food chain), this time it's their turn, and it is so amazing to see fresh new faces ... simply genius!


You can download some of my favorite music from the series, for free.

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