Saturday, June 9, 2007

deep fried childhood

Last week i visited my parents' (well, "our") house after almost two months of procrastination (my dogs didn't even recognize me, great!). And this time of the year, mommy's attending the Antipolo novena. I tell you folks, going to antipolo without bringing home the traditional pasalubongs? is like sex without "O"

So mommy baught me 2 dozens, it costs around PhP 180, but when I told her that I will pay for it... "ay, 500 yata yun" ... all of a sudden (classic!)

So there's my SUMAN, something that incessantly reminds me of my childhood. When I was young-ER, I remember finding inner peace and profound happiness everytime I unwrap my suman's spiral coconut leaf covering... So I went back home in manila with a bagfull of suman and it has been my breakfast, lunch and dinner for the past two days, and I'm still loving it.

Here's what I did: I deep fried it until it's crispy and golden brown. Not everyone knows that you can fry it, and that it will actually taste better that way. Imagine biting into crunchy coated suman and feel the sticky, chewey and warm inside as your teeth digs deeper in to it (uhhh, uber heaven!) enough to forget that ill feeling of throwing-up upon accidentally seeing kris aquino on TV.

But that's not all, antipolo's special suman has a strip of langka in its core, giving it a surprising summer-y aftertaste.

Here's the three different perfect partners of suman: ripe mangoes, thick hot chocolate and gata concoction (just try to figure it out) and the time-honored, SUGAR.

pinoys all over the globe : Drooooooooool!


- j e i t i 2 3 - said...

> ah syempre,,, sino pa ba magpe-praisan kundi mga kapwa mgkakamag-ana! ahahah ang equation jan eh,,simpleng analogy lng yan,,, syempre kung gwapo ka,,, eh relative mo ko,, so meaning maganda din ako,,, ahahahaha,,, read between d lines! ahahaha,,tama ka, hindi ako marunong mgsinungaling! ahaha, joke,, no seriously though,, i just viewd ur blogspot,,,and let me say this,,, its sooo nice! funny, nkakarelate ako s "telebabad" scenario mo dun! and pretty informative huh?,,, but the suman ha? hmmm, parehas pla tyo mahilig mgfry ng suman! ang saya!!! kaya lng, i enjoy it w/ condensed milk on top,,, yum! anyways, take care ron! hope to see u soon,,, pag d na tyo parehas busy!

Peanutbrittle Diaries said...

ooy masarap nga yung fried suman. ginagawa din namin yung paminsan minsa nung nasa pinas pa ako.

ever tried eating it with ice cream? hehehe..suman ala mode!

Dazed and Confused said...

Gosh! I haven't had suman in ages! But I agree that suman does bring back memories of childhood. When we'd go to Bicol during summer, my abuelos would bring have different types of suman brought to the house. There's even one called "Balisungsong" which is made of cassava instead of rice. And there's the green-ish one, and of course, the classic white suman.

For me, the plain white suman is the best. And the perfect complement to it would be plain white sugar. Yup, that's going to be on the agenda the next time i'm in Manila. Suman!

iamfroggy said...

wat's wrong with kris being in television.. ?? lolz

Sassy Lawyer said...
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