Thursday, June 28, 2007

Exploratory Bag-otomy

I'm a bit nosy when it comes to other people's beezwax, and I love scrutinizing the guts of my freinds' hand bags, kikay kits, pouches and even gym bags... I remember one friend calling me UT-UTERO (mahilig daw ako makialam ng mga kung anik-anik at kararautan ng kung sino sino) I have this talent of determining one's personality by knowing what's inside her/his personal sack (I think I'm mutant) or some sort of bag analyst.

So let's start by showing you mine i mean what's stuffin' my bag, what are you thinkin'?, then let me know if you can read my personality!

SAMSONITE SINGLE STRAPPED SACK - It was a birthday gift from R, i love the texture and the toughness, it's waterproof and has a lifetime warranty. But I have an inkle that the zipper should be on the other side. really, I can feel, it's on the wrong side.

TOOTHPASTE & BRUSH - I eat a lot of spicy stuff: onions, garlic, spicy sisig, spicy sauces, spicy mocha frappuccino! i know there's no such thing, but I love to try it if there's one.

GADGETS - Im not into 3G or that 178 in 1 celphones, because I believe that the purpose of a phone is solely for calling and texting for crying out loud! not for pictures nor mp3's nor storage nor sex toy nor whatever... And I always bring with me my iPod (for media stuff and all that) and a Digital Camera.

NOTE PAD, PEN AND POST IT - whenever im bored, I write and/or draw. like what im doing now. I use to bring that 10 ton-starbucks planner, but I felt that I'm near having a Herniated Nucleus Pulposus if I'll be bringing it with me everyday.

CARD HOLDER - it's leather, it's olive green, it's compact, it's Fino and it's my wallet. And NO I dont put the entire family photo album on it, just cards and money kung meron

ALCOHOL - I'm a medical professional so I have to follow proper aseptic technique. Also it's my weapon against obnoxious bacteria (na nagkatawan tao, at palakad lakad sa pinagtatrabahuhan ko)

COMPANY ID - it's with the proxy card, to get in and out of the door (we still dont have the aloha mora technology at work, bummer!)

CK SHADES - it's a gift from Christmas '06. I'm a nocturnal animal and sometimes I have to stay a bit late at work (that's until 7am)--and I cannot stand the sunlight, I will turn into ash.

KIKAY STUFF - that's Nivea Q10 face cream for men and Clinique happy for men, wala pa-pogi lang. Without these two? I will also turn into ash.

So how about you? what's on your bag right now? Post away!


Peanutbrittle Diaries said...

fun!! i'm glad to know you practice good hygiene!!!
i like your post so kokopya ako. heheh. i'll take a snapshot of the contents of my bag din (now!)

Anonymous said...

hinding hindi magkakaroon ng spicy mocha frap and please ron.. baguhin mo naman ung drink mo..I know ist the best seller among all the fraps in the freakin starbucks but can you just add twist to your drink or even try to change and explore.

ron cruz said...

i tried almost all imaginable combinations. both hot and cold, pero d'best parin talaga yung xmas drinks nila! ok din hazelnut green tea frap and yung bago azuki!

chimz said...

anonymous, hindi mo ba kilala si ron? number one coffee aficionado yan at kilala na sha ng lahat ng barista sa starbucks makati! ;-) sya lang ang nakita kong hinde nag uulit ng coffee dahil lagi sya may bagong mix na nrerequest.. the best yung naimbento nya na kenya + white chocolate + 3 pumps of hazelnut, dapat nga tawag dun cafe ala RON!!! mishu bebs!