Thursday, June 14, 2007


"People are dying in some parts of Africa... "

Dear Santa (or genie in the lamp, or tooth fairy, or wishing star, or vicky morales),

I've been a good boy, (I can hear objections in the background..SHUT UP!) and I am not a buy-me-that-malignantly-expensive-toy kinda guttersnipe. But I want (need) the following:

That Nike bag – I got a tantamount of bags to my daily (cycled) lifestyle, but for some reason I want a new one. THIS ONE! Last week I saw this nike bag in Rustans and I can’t seem to take it of my head since then, I can even smell its manufacture scent in my dreams.

That Wicked book (by Gregory Maguire) – I even finished the

first few chapters by reading it off the shelf. BUT-I-GOT-TO-HAVE-A-CO-PY! (roar!).

Reading that book on a warm soft couch near a rain battered windowsill? over a cup of hot tea? while wearing a pair of ruby shoes?

… priceless! (oh wait, I don’t have-- a couch!)

That black and beach Crocs – dang! I saw this in Kuala Lumpur last march, I thought: “next time na lang, meron naman nyan sa Pinas”… E LECHE! When I got home--wala, ubos na, nada, wala na, zero, zip, out of stock… PAKAMATAY NA LANG KAYO LAHAT!! (but i think they have it now in rustans!)

That Topman Jeans –I know I'm not even near being a bloody fashion rat to pull a pathologically expensive brand like gucci cavalli and prada, and so i diverted my itch to that topaman jeans. I really want (need) it and I just want (need) to try having a non-bench, non-human, non-guess and non-divisoria pair of jeans! . . . (ok fine! meron din nun sa F&H , ok na rin sakin yun!)

That Seventh Book – D-d-D-do I really have to explain why?

damn! im such a blowhard egomaniac!
oh! do you want to see my ruby shoes? Click Away!


ardee said...

You should definitely get Wicked!! worth every penny, i swear!! Then buy the Original Broadway recording - after which, your next move is to download a bootleg copy of the play (there are torrents available). ;)

When you're done obsessing with Wicked, you then proceed to buying "Confessions Of An Ugly Stepsister" (by the same author). This time around, Maguire gives the Cinderella story a very interesting twist (something which I'm guessing you'll like). Trust, it's much better than Mirror Mirror... :D

PS: And I don't believe that you've been a good boy....

ron cruz said...


yeah, i saw the preview of the broadway production of wicked... and its WICKED! love it... teka pano mag download ng torent? (im such a dummy!) or pa kopya na lang ako. hehehe

Geety said...

A friend of mine took me to see Wicked on broadway. Galing!

Bayaan mo, ibibili kita ng one of your wish list sa b-day mo. Kelan ba?

Peanutbrittle Diaries said...

hahaha. akala ko may takong yung ruby shoes mo eh. haha.