Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Transformers' Transformation (then and now)

"Autobots! TRANSFORM!".

I saw Transformers five hours ago, and I've been sleeping for 3 hours already. Then I woke up in dire need to see Bumblebee once again! WOW, my jaw's still on its awe position infront of my PC at 3:30 in the morning (made me want to lick that hood!)

I tell you folks! I almost cried when I first saw Bumblebee transform... I swear I'm like a little girl in pink pigtail on a Christmas day na noon lang nakatanggap ng Barbie!

I love the film, funny, eye-popping CGI, jaw dropping action sequence, tear jerky, good cinematography, Michael bay's signature's all over the place, it's just so COOL! And there's this scene where bumblebee transmodified itself from a half-crappy car to a blingy black striped yellow Camaro (kill bill theme playing on the background) . I know , Kill Bill shifted that yellow-black stereotype from NY cabs and school buses to something soooooo wickedly Uma! wooot-woooow!

Although the producer has been faithfull with the personalites of the characters based on the 1980's cartoon series, The cast was modified by giving a new look and transformation modes (this time it's an all american line of vehicles) so here's a treat for y'all: Transformers Then and Now

JAZZ from porche 935 turbo to pontiac solstice 2007

RATCHET from ambulance to hummer h2 (search & rescue modification)

IRONHIDE from ford F-series pick-up truck to GMC topkick

BUMBLEBEE from Volkswagen beetle to Chevrolet Camaro

OPTIMUS PRIME from 16 wheeler to Peterbilt semi truck (long nose)

BARRICADE from F1 race car to Saleen s281 Ford (police mobile)

BLACKOUT from mobile missile flatform to Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low helicopter

STARSCREAM from F-15 Eagle Jet to F-22 Raptor Fighter

FRENZY from Microcassette Tape to CD Player stereo, Mobile phone (head)

MEGATRON from walther p38 9mm pistol (what the heck?) to a Cybertronian jet

I LOVE YOU MICHAEL BAY! ENCORE! ENCORE! I can't wait for the part two!
Bibili talaga ako ng Action figures ... bwahahahahaha!

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