Wednesday, August 29, 2007

the coconutter

I am a nurse, and all I want to do is to escape this mediocre life, I am always thinking that I am a victim of random fate when I was born, Why here? why not timbuktu or some hillbilly island in the mid atlantic? While checking other blogs, I stumbled upon this person, a modern-day filipino nomad.

then a cold wind of realization punch me right smack in the middle of my face. realization that what I'm thinking was shameful uber shameful.

this guy's so amazing and his story is so inspiring, and I thought of sharing them with you:

He's David Poarch
22 years old
High School Valedictorian
Ivy League Scholar
Mensa International Qualified
Triple degree student
NASA Employee
Half Filipino
Good looking

what else can you ask? WTF he got everything, but guess what ... he's back in the Philippines to live a provincial life.. pure nuts! If I got those credentials? I am probably showing my ass off the window for public viewing.

For all my readers who can understand the third world language, watch his story here

part 1

part 2

The Coconuter could either be someone who has a sincere and a noble purpose, OR he's just a genius turned bonkers. Nevertheless, I'm effing inspired by this bloke--he could have a birthmark in his butt saying "Ideal Pinoy" ... I hope they make a David Poarch action figure!

but I'm still leaving the country!

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levi said...

ganun talaga ang buhay!!!! pag di ka na masaya sa ginagawa mo, quesehodang naglulumangoy ka sa tagumpay...magmimis mo rin ang simpleng buhay

Der's no such thing as permanent in this world..always remember dat.