Wednesday, August 1, 2007

philippine drollery in pictures

Here's the second installment of the posters and signs you can actually see around the fabuloous third world, well I'm not posting these because I want to give the country some serious embarrassment, but ... it's just irresistibly funny.

walking around here is indeed one funny trek, so bring with you your digicam and click away, beacause we are one huge gag show here. although malacaƱang, senate and the congress is the TRUE seat of comedy, not to mention the side circus and freak show.

silence daw gentlemenS! napapakanta nga ako ng quiet night, ho-oly night...

Holy sh**! so pag holy week daw up-to-sawa?

with all the ballons and anahaw..
its really an AMEZING float

I betcha' this will be a topic of CANVERSation

uhhhm, Paki konek!

sopsop to the left, Jerk'o to the right.
either way you'll be having a goooood time!"

cream vented what?!!
yeah and its a bird! great

in this resort, the sand is white.. and its a beautiful BIACH!

Like PLAT iron? PLAT chested? PLAT tire?

hmmm. no thanks, i have my wnad with me
(hindi naman kasi ako nagmamadali, katakot)

Interpreter please!

JIUCE ko 'day! Kalowka!

Hahaha, this is hilarious I SUER!
at may PRIZE san ka pa?!

what the hell is DO-DINE?
napaka inefficient ng webster at wikipedia, hindi alam ang entry na ito!

Mr Bboy Alulod, mali po yata spelling ng washing machine!

don't get me wrong, I also believe that these doesn't measure a country's sovereignty, and peoples ability to rise up to success ... hmmm whatever!

for more of these, see funny posters part 1 ... click away!

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sHauLa said...

loka ka talaga kahit kelan but i liked it, i enjoyed reading it haha lol!