Sunday, July 29, 2007

itik-itik no more

We all know that we Flips are superior, talent wise ang kumontra magsasara pwet!. Other than the boxing arena and Broadway stage, WE ARE CARVING THE PHILIPPINE FLAG ON THE HIP HOP DANCE FLOOR!

last year a group of disco-hopping, limbs-flexin' pinoys made the "filipino talent" reverberate in the global hip hop scene. THE ALL STARS is a Philippine based Hip hop dance group incorporating freestyle, pop, break dance, krump, old school and new school in their routines.

Under their belt are two international titles: Grand prize winners of the 5th World Hip Hop Championships in Redondo Beach, California (July 2006) and 2nd International Hip Hop Open D’Italia in Torino, Italy (June 2006). And NOW as is write this one up, they are defending the title in Los Angeles by bumping off contingents from 33 other countries. I won't be surprised if we will be celebrating soon!

Two years ago the group of hodgepodge is struggling to get support from people and institution that will finance their travel expenses to compete in the championship abroad. Today, All Stars has been backed up by different groups and individuals who believe in their talents—the Department of Tourism, Adidas, Brewing Point, Rotary Club of Araneta, Gold’s Gym, Gringo Honasan, Miguel Zubiri, Edgardo Angara, Bong Revilla, Chiz Escudero, Lino Cayetano, Kiko Pangilinan, Robby Carmona, Tim Yap and Divine Lee.

As I was watching this bootleg clip from last year's championship, I'm literally cursing myself for not attending those summer dance lessons, and when I saw those non-pinoy fans bellowing "PHI-LIP-PINES" out of the audience, I can't help but choke a lump out of amazement. These guys can really move, true enough we've gone a looooong way since itik-itik and maglalatik.

here's another clip, I got goosebumps when they played the Flips National anthem! GO ALL STARS!!!


Peanutbrittle Diaries said...

awesome!!! kaka-aliw!!!

herb said...

wooow! now i wanna learn how to dance hiphop!