Monday, July 16, 2007

the phone wears prada

I'm a bit ambivalent about this new phone and don't really know if i'm actually buying this s**t. Surely, its an inspiring tech stuff but the fact that it's a Prada, makes me squirm by merely thinking about it.

It looks yummy alright, but I already told y'all, I'm not a big fan of over the top gizmo's, specially grandiose labels that even Imelda Marcos will feel guilty about.

this new phone from LG (KE850), that's bumping off other fashion phones like motorola D&G and the Vertu of nokia... might be the doppleganger of iPhone the heck but some reviews says its even a notch better than that apple slag

it doesn't require a rocket scientist to realize that high end businesses are taking over the general market. Brands which only the hiltons, gates, forbes', trumps can afford are now being attached to our daily junks, not just to give pizazz but raise up the price tags. i wont be surprised if there will be gucci toothbrush, louis vuitton insect repellent, fendi cotton buds and dolce & gabana breast implant, anytime soon.

PRADA PHONE: asian geeki-ness and european faggotry combined.

for the Prada phone specs? ayoko ikwento, I'm not in the right mood. Just look for some geek's blog and read it!
So here's the
link... click away!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've seen this phone na before in one of the issues of ICOn magazine...(im starting collecting them na bakla)at 1st I tot it was just a haux of the ipod phone revolutionizing it for FAG TAGs...anyhow, this is a nice review,...kaso tinamad ka....biglang click away!..AHAHAHA...MISHU....KELAN KAYA MAGKAKAROON NG RICKY REYES MP4 PLAYER....WITH FREE TUTORIAL ON HOW TO BLOW DRY UR HAIR TO A PERFECT FINAL FINISH PRODUCT...ahahaha--

ron cruz said...

ricky reyes mp4! HAHAHAHA
oo nga hindi rin malayo magkaron ng fanny serrano electric toothbrush at manny pacquiao make-up line! WAHAHAHAHA!