Wednesday, July 25, 2007

You think Filipinos are Honest?

After hearing / reading / seeing bad news about our country, one blow after another, it is really dismaying and making me feel that I'd rather be a lone plankton floating on the waters of a humble hill billy islet somewhere in the pacific, than be a Filipino.

But not after I came across this report on HONESTY (an experiment conducted by Readers Digest), for once I felt pride gleaming off my brown a**!

In the survey, investigators left phones in public places then rang them to see if passers-by would try to return the phones or simply keep them. And guess what folks--we ranked 5th among the most honest cities. choir of angels singing from afar

The experiment was conducted in 32 major cities, well we're not really major "major", but... I guess they just want to put a third world flavor to the flick (you know what I'm saying)

Apparently the most honest city was Ljubljana in Slovenia where all but one phone was returned, followed by Toronto in Canada, Seoul in South Korea, Stockholm in Sweden and yes our very own MANILA (where crime is a staple gag, and the stench literally screaming--THIRD WORLD!!! no, you should deliver it with a smile...AGAIN)

We're on the fifth spot along side with Mumbai and NY! can you freakin' believe that? well, you should... behind all the self proclaimed adversities, awful reputation and bad publicities, we still manage to prove the world THAT WE AIN'T SETTLING FOR A 5110 HANDSETS!!! hahahaha the phone's actually brand new and on the mid-priced line.

So, we're not really the No.1 most honest, yes there were still some who badly needed an answer to their prayers of "grace falling from the sky" and that's why they took away the phone. But thanks to those Random Pinoys who made the right act of returning those phones and made the whole country proud once more!

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