Monday, July 23, 2007

SONA : take seven... Aaaaac-tion!!!

I'm really not a political rat, I'd rather be a takatak boy that be in a career that has something to do with politics, economics, law and circus! That's why my opinion here are purely personal and nothing to do with a pursuance of a political agenda, rebellion and terrorism whatsoever!

together with the 40% of the population of this side of the third world June 2007, SWS survey I don't want to stay any longer, in dire need of moving-out to have a better life!

watching the SONA is like liberally putting rock salt in an open wound of despising this country's government. So what's going on in my head while watching the SONA? here:

GMA: Hangarin kong mapabilang ang Pilipinas sa mayayamang bansa sa loob
ng dalawampung taon ... I envision Philippines as first world in 20 years.
ME : HAHAHAHA, like me being blond and blue eyed caucasian hunk in 20 years! SURE!

GMA: investments in physical, intellectual, legal and security infrastructure to increase business confidence. Imprastraktura para sa negosyo at trabaho. Isang milyong trabaho taon-taon.
ME: 1 Million jobs? with salary of 20 thousand divided to those 1 Million new jobs? bright thinking! how about increasing the salary too?

GMA: Mahusay na edukasyon ang pinakamabuting pamana natin sa ating mga anak
ME: blah blah blah! aanhin mo ang "good education" kung wala naman matinong trabaho after graduation? I'd rather receive cold cheque from my parents!

GMA: Let's start with election reform. We have long provided funds for computerization. We look forward to the modernization of voting, counting and canvassing.

GMA: Taun-taon dose-dosenang opisyal ang nasususpinde, napapatalsik o kinakasuhan dahil labis-labis sa suweldo ang gastos at ari-arian nila.
ME: then what the hell are you doing there? ... 'nuff said

GMA: gurong mas magaling at mas malaki ang kita
ME: mas magaling? wala nasa US na lahat... mas malaki kita? saan, sa longanisa? WAHAHA

GMA: Graft won't be eliminated overnight but we are making progress.
ME: heard that before!

GMA: “We have been investing hundreds of billions in human and physical infrastructure,”
ME: I heard... but where are the good filipino nurses and doctors? GONE!

GMA: Tapos na ang halalan at pamumulitika
ME: are you kiding me? 50% of your SONA is virtually names of your friendsters!

GMA: enumerate what the doables are this year towards making the country more competitive and more attractive for investors
ME: hmmm, like continue exploiting our wealth of wonders and selling islands to foreign Richie Rich's ? (SPELL: AMANPULO?)

GMA: cover the subject of waging peace in Mindanao
ME: why not start in your own congress?

GMA: a weak economy into a strong republic
ME: like Paris Hilton receiving a Nobel for discovering new species of microorganism?

BUNYE: the President herself writes and rewrites her Sona in her laptop computer and the final version is completed only a few minutes before she boards her vehicle to Congress.
ME: that's what you think, maybe she's just posting a bulletin on her friendster!

nyahahaha! HAHAHAHR! Whehehehehe
opinion lang po, walang personalan!

for the complete 2007 SONA transcript... click away!


ails said...

hmm...know what?! i agree with everything you just said...whatever so glad im not in the philippines...ala naman mangyayari kasi everybody just action, puro complain - no follow thru all they want is to be famous and get all the credit when its good and blame others when shit happens...well screw you guys, i dont think they dont know what they are doin ron....can somebody just shoot them to make them shut up!

ahem..opinion lang po, WALANG PERSONALAN!


ron cruz said...

I AGREE with you ails...
di mo masisisi na madami na gusto umalis, unfortunately most 1st world countries are extra strict when it comes to immigration traffic from countries like PINAS... unfair immigration policy!

i'll buy a glog 40 soon
i'll do you a favor