Sunday, July 8, 2007


The most hyped gadget in the history of modern technology has landed a week ago, and the geeks all over the globe are still far from being sober

As for me? I won’t buy that alien looking phone. Other that the obvious fact that it looks like a hybrid of a phone and some futuristic sex toy, I also have few other reasons why:

IT'S DAMN EXPENSIVE, $600 for an 8 gig phone? Are you some sort of a chestnut-dido-haha? It's designed to play music and videos, how many videos do you think will fit-in with that pea-sized memory space? For the price of f***king 32 Kiaw 8 hammer and 53 pokels (third world currency), it should at least be 800 gig. I mean the fruit doesn’t match its price, E pwede mo na ipantubos sa kaluluwa ni Hitler sa impyerno yung presyo nun e!

ITS A PARIS HILTON (beautiful and stupid!) yes its one trendy thingamajig, but look:

  1. Its not 3G
  2. Transfer speed is at 35 mph (WTF…)
  3. No flash or Java
  4. iPod Earphones wont fit
  5. Poor battery life
  6. It is using that BULOK safari browser (not Firefox/IE)
  7. No voice recording
  8. No voice dialing (so goodluck nalang if you’re driving)
  9. No custom ring tone (and they say it's a music phone!)
  10. No to do function (read: what’s a PDA phone w/o a planner)

Rule number ONE in the Book of Geeks: Don’t buy any 1st gen prototype! Wait for the second generation, especially if its from Mac!

remember Apple Pippin, OpenDoc, Mac TV, Mac XL/Lisa, Microsoft Word 6.0, Copland, eWorld, Puck Mouse/Kiddie Keyboard, Flower Power/Blue Dalmatian iMac, Macintosh Portable... RING A BELL?


these are all 1st gen prototype failures, and they are all from Mac, where are they now?



Peanutbrittle Diaries said...

heheh... i agree with the 1st gen types but I disagree about the Mac overall! heheh.. my laptop's a Macbook Pro and IT IS slamming!!!

ron cruz said...

oo naman, meron madami din naman OK na products ang mac. pero pag 1st gen nila pangit. kasi lagi sila nagmamadali mag launch. kaya madaming glitches! hehe