Friday, July 20, 2007


In a matter of minutes, the final book which the muggle world has been waiting for will be on the racks. I even saw news about some fans waiting for absolution, camping-out two days ahead in front of the bookstores everywhere across the planet.

an obvious fanaticism
I'm also a big fan but I'm sane enough not to be on that queue.

I was reading the news, some spoilers and plot predictions, just to prep my mood before dropping-by the nearest bookstore to grab my copy.

it was 3 minutes before midnight. when suddenly...


a mail arrived delivered by my ever so reliable owl yahoo mail and guess what's in my inbox:


Freshly brewed pdf copy! fumes' still steaming out of the monitor! I can literally smell it. FRESH!

I guess I can delay buying the hardbound!
nye-nye nyi-nye-nye!

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