Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Gets Naked

"Don't worry Hermione.
I'll go easy on you."
-Ron Weasley
Yesterday I checked greenbelt cinemas to have a punch in the dark in getting a seat on the first day of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Movie. As an inevitable fate, I end up walking out empty handed--all seats are taken, Blimey!

I have read all the books at least twice and since I will be waiting for all the ballyhoos and the over the top brouhaha to subside before hitting the movie house--I think I will just have to read the book again for a refresher's brush-up. Movie fans are expected to plug the box office until the weekend.

This installment of the Warner Bros film (book five) is darker, more violent and bloodcurdling scenes are all over the place. It's GP no more, so expect blood on your popcorn. The plot is getting more mature as the cast grows older in every episode. I can't believe that it has been 6 years already, six ephemeral years since the first movie came out.



And earlier this year I came across an article about Daniel Radcliffe. This news has been around since late last year, but I guess it took an erotic photoshoot with a horse for everybody to start caring. 17-year-old Daniel Radcliffe stars in the London revival of the Tony award winning play Equus. The original calls for full frontal nudity including a scene where the main character simulates a sex act while riding naked on a horse. girls squeaking on the background

hmmm... I think I'll stick with the HP Movies!

JK Rowling's raising up the censor factor of the story a notch higher year after year, it started from exchanging treats, hands holding accidentally, prom flings, kissing, hard wands... blah blah! I will not be surprise if there would be bed scenes on the final book. As we might see new spells like lubricuus totalis! orgasmus fiesta! or wands being used for a whole different purpose.

bad thoughts! BAD THOUGHTS!

And oh! the uncensored pictures are available upon request
... pervs!


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha...IKAW TALAGA!....Hmmm, im becoming a weekly subscriber to your blog na ha. good thing i don't have to buy KENKOY MAGAZINES...ahahaaha...NICE BLOG! and Im SHOUTING IT OUT!

ron cruz said...

thanks mark! ;-) ikaw din gawa ka na ng page mo para link-up kita

Anonymous said...

nasan ung original photo. ung naked talaga sya.. send mo sa akin.. hahahahaha

ron cruz said...

hahaha, sige sino ka ba? sana you nilagay mo name mo para kilala kita diba, HEHEHE